Petalflex Oversize Flip ‘n Fab Snug Hoodie


Size: Universal fit based on 6XL, catering to heights from 150cm (5 feet) to 190cm (6 feet 2 inches).

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Embrace the flip-side of fashion with the ‘Petalflex Flip ‘n Fab’ Snug Hoodie, designed for the pink-hearted. 🌸✨ Flip between a floral fantasy and playful patterns, all while choosing your perfect pink backdrop. Styled Your Way – because every day is a chance to showcase your fabulous flair.

Unveil the essence of Pinktastique charm with the Petalflex Flip ‘n Fab Snug Hoodie – your ultimate companion in comfort and style. The outside radiates with our signature Petal Power design, a blossoming statement of self-expression. But the wonder doesn’t stop there. In a fun flip, the inside reveals a playful choice of patterns: diagonal stripes for a touch of whimsy, wavy checks for those mellow moments, or a pink plaid for classic chic.

Each detail invites you to tailor your look to your heart’s desire, from the size of petals to the shade of pink that sings to your soul. Whether you’re lounging or out and about, this snug hoodie wraps you in the joy of personalization and the hug of a cherished embrace.

  • Sizes: Available in Med, Large, and Oversized for a comfort fit that’s just right for you.
  • Pockets: Yes, pockets! Practical and plush on both sides for your essentials.
  • Hood: Luxuriously large for that extra snuggle factor.
  • Material: Crafted from premium polyester flannel for peak coziness.
  • Weight: Featherlight and perfect at 8.85 oz/yd² / 300 g/m².

How Styled Your Way Works

Welcome to Pinktastique’s personalized design experience! Here’s how you can make each piece uniquely yours:

Preview Mockup?

Yes, show me first!

Opt for a mockup if you’d like to approve your custom design before we begin crafting. We’ll email you a detailed preview from every angle.

No, all set!

Happy with the preview here? Select this option, and we’ll start creating your item right away.

Personalize Further?

  • “Your design wishes…”: Want to add a name, a special date, or tweak the design? Share your details here, and we’ll confirm via email before proceeding.


— make this inside heart pattern pastel pink background, and dark and hot pink hearts

— use the flower and plaid and add the name Sarah lots of times.

— make each side different background colors and mix and match up the inside for fun. Main color Pastel Pink

Feel free to dive deeper into customization options, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a particular vision in mind. Our team is dedicated to bringing your pink dreams to life!

Made When Ordered & Shipping Times

Made to Order: Once your order has been please we get to work crafted with love and radiant energy, each of our Pinktastique creations springs into existence only upon your whimsical wish — your order! With a sprinkle of patience and a dash of understanding, kindly allow 4-7 business day for your dazzling product to be meticulously crafted, and you to receive a tracking number.

Shipping: And then, with joyous anticipation, await its arrival, as per the  timeframes of our fabulous carriers in 7-14 working days as it journeys swiftly to your embrace!

This bespoke approach to creation not only reduces overproduction but also ensures that each piece is as unique and cherished as our splendid Pinktastique customers.

For additional details, twirl over to checkout or our shipping page. Thank you, for making purchases that are as thoughtful and enchanting as you are!

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We pour love and precision into each of our artworks making it exclusively for you. Hence, we can’t accept returns and every artwork is made to order. But worry not! If there’s even a tiny hiccup with what you receive, our satisfaction guarantee ensures we’ll make it right.

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Thank you for choosing Pinktastique. 

Color Consistency Disclaimer

Due to varying monitor settings and printing techniques, colors on both physical and digital products may differ from what’s displayed on your device.

Additionally, if you order at different times, we cannot guarantee an exact color match as products are made to order and slight variations might occur during the printing process.

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